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  • MS MR Dark Doo Wop
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    MS MR – Dark Doo Wop

    Time to add a new one to the ’3AM Makeout’ playlist on Spotify. This song was riffing on our heart strings from the moment we heard it and is a go-to right now. MS MR – Dark Doo Wop has an indie pop sound that is both sensual and eerie, leaving us swooning for THAT one. Enjoy the dark music video and get a room.

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  • OneFortyThree Hand Crafted Lighting
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    Hand Crafted Modern Lighting by OneFortyThree

    Judging by the blog cred these guys have been getting and the fact that they’re sold out of just about everything until October 20th, OneFortyThree is definitely a designer we expect to see more out of. The coolest part about these guys isn’t their budding fame though, it’s their story. OneFortyThree was started as a blog by a husband and wife about their then-under-construction home. The site grew from there to become the store for their hand-made products once they realized while furnishing said home that they could make some pretty cool things all on their own. All of their products have a decidedly modern yet classic look that feels somewhat vintage and definitely well made. Oh, and be sure to check out their new TP holders… not joking, they’re cool.


    $95 – Shop it

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  • Cutting Edge Stencils Marrakech
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    High Design Wall Stencils by CuttingEdgeStencils

    If you’ve ever gone into a home decor store, looked at the whole well-executed-interior-design thing and sunk into a deep (10 minute) dark (meatball eating) depression over your own design ineptitude, we’re with you. Despite what you once thought, that bedspread or coffee table alone really aren’t going to pull your whole design-aesthetic-of-choice off. That said, some things in the design world can get you really close. Take these wall stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils for example. While simple as a product, these things can really transform a boring room to an awesome one at a pretty low cost. We’re no interior designers so color choice stays up to you.

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  • Bark Box
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    With the crazyness of your day-to-day life, it’s easy to forget about your little man or woman and what their needs and desires are. Sure, dogs have desires too. Introducing Bark Box. The easy and effortless way to spoil your four-legged homie. With BarkBox, it is impossible to forget to pamper your pup. The way Bark Box works is, you simply pick what size dog you have and choose your subscription, ranging from 1 to 6 months. Each month you are signed up with Bark Box your dog will receive a box full of goodies beyond their wildest dreams. Each box includes hand-selected items such as toys, gourmet treats, bones, and hygiene essentials. Discover cool new products for your pup every month, delivered right to your door. Bark Box is also giving back by donating  %10 of each box sold to a local dog shelter. There. You have  no more excuses.


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  • Westard Leaning No. 9.2 Neon Blue Sunglasses
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    Westward Leaning No. 9.2 – Neon Blue

    So if you’re like us, you probably tend to keep your Fall look super neutral and warm. Bright colors are generally avoided and neons are definitely not in the options unless we’re going to the gym. That said, there’s still definite room for some bright flair when it comes to your accessories. Take these neon blue sunglasses by designers Westward Leaning for example. These things were recently seen being rocked by Olivia Polermo on a walk in New York and they pop astonishingly well. Like other Westward Leaning designs, they’re made from high quality materials that stands apart from your gas-station variety. Additionally, the high-reflection mirroring on these things will have people seeing shine when they’re looking at you.


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    HAIM – The Wire

    These three sisters from Cali are one of our must-see artists of this year’s ACL. Their sound has been described as “nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B” and for that, we are definitely interested. You can’t help but dance in your undies when you hear this jam. A little bit of folk-rock with some hip hop stylings leave us girl crushing big time and we can’t wait to see their live show.

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  • Happy Kiss Pendant by ABCHome
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    The Happy Kiss Aqua Pendant by ABCHome

    Just imagine how one of these hand-molded crystal pendants by ABCHome would look in your place. The thick walls of the lamp-cover refract light in unexpected directions to add an air of energy to your room as this baby softly hangs like a raindrop in air. Beware though, these come in a number of bright colors and you don’t want to overdo the pop-color look lest you end up living in a wannabe Limited Too. But if your pad is otherwise dressed in a healthy palette of light neutrals, this may be just what you need to make things interesting.


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  • Meriwether Wine Carrier
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    Meriwether’s Hand Crafted Wine Carrier

    Ok so when you’re just bringing one bottle to the party, it’s fine to carry the thing naked (meaning just-the-bottle obviously) in one hand. But when you’re coming prepared with multiple options, what exactly are you supposed to do? Well, college-us would just two hand them – both by the neck and wielded like weapons of forgetfulness. Now-us just usually opts for a brown bag hoisted under an arm like disheveled Whole-Foods yuppies. If you’re really into the always prepared look though, go for one of these hand crafted wooden bottle carriers by Meriwether. With a classic Americana vibe and optional personalized engraving, this thing’s a winner.


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  • ToryBurchPurfume
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    Tory Burch Fragrance

    Tory Burch has just introduced their new beauty line, and we can’t wait to try out their very first fragrance. Described as both feminine and tomboy, we are sure this fragrance smells as good as those wallets look. For years we have loved everything Miss Tory Burch has brought to the table and now we can’t to see what her newest fragrance is all about.


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  • 500 Miles Distressed Boot
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    Free People 500 Miles Distressed Boot

    We are so exciting for fall. Mainly because we get to wear boots with just about anything. These distressed boots by Free People are one of our favorites this season. The fact that they could pass for an old  pair of your boyfriend’s makes us love them even more. That whole grungy, rugged look is pretty damn sexy. The height and width of the boot will make your legs look like twigs, which will make you feel a little bit better when you’re wearing your leggings as pants.


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